Holly came to Safe Haven in 2015. She is a registered Paint Horse. She was born in 2000.  She loves all the kids (and adults) who come to Safe Haven.



Coco joined Safe Haven in 2016. She is a registered Quarter Horse, and is half Arabian.  Coco loves kids, and loves to roll in the mud.


017 (2).JPG

Mitzi joined our Safe Haven team in 2018.  She is part Arabian, part Fjord, and part Quarter Horse, and is a Buckskin color. She is 100% cute and she knows it! She is a very gentle and obedient horse, and is a great addition to the team.


Pogo is a light gray female miniature donkey. She was born in 2008. Snickers is a brown male. He was born in 2012. Sinckers is quiet, but Pogo has a bray that can be heard for miles.


Shaker is a retired Missouri Fox Trotter show horse. Her show name was Polaris Chocolate Shake. We're not very fancy at Safe Haven, so she is Shaker to us. Shaker is still learning things at Safe Haven but she is usually the first to greet kids at camp. She is a great addition to our family.



Phoebe was adopted from a horse rescue in March of 2022. She is a Miniature Horse and she is five years old. Phoebe was severely neglected before she was rescued. She may be the friendliest horse we've ever seen. Phoebe definitely knows how to capture hearts and make new friends!